Environmental management policy

Because of the fact that the La Plage Verte campsite is located in a remarkable natural setting and also because camping should be an environmentally friendly activity, we are committed to our environmental approach.

Our first concern: Respect the terrain

Its integration in the environment was privileged while creating the campsite. A minimal amount of soil was moved. The use of local, natural materials is the guideline for all our new developments. The closing off of the soil is particularly limited and plantation is done by using local plants.

Conserving natural resources is our second concern

The distribution network of drinking water is being closely monitored through thoughtfully placed sub-meters in order to detect and repair any leaks quickly.
Drinking water is not used for watering green areas.
All taps are taps with safety valves. They are all equipped with a flow control valve.

Third objective: save energy

All pipes distributing hot water are insulated.
Sinks, showers and wash basins are equipped with mixing taps allowing the water to get to the right temperature by reducing the time that hot water flows.
Our new mobile homes are equipped with water heaters without night light and economise therefore gas.
The lighting of buildings is provided by environmentally friendly lamps. They are time controlled and work either by motion or obscurity detectors.
Along the lanes solar lamps are being tested.

Finally, pollution reduction

Our wastewater is treated by an installation complying with the applicable regulations.
Printer cartridges are recycled.
Household waste is subject to a separate collection.
We have stopped using chemical cleaning products and use organic cleaning products and make use of alternative techniques.

These are our first steps. Sustainable management of the La Plage Verte campsite remains our challenge!